Zen Energy Drinks
WeForest partner since 2024
Zen Energy Drinks is restoring 2.11 ha by growing an estimated 2,695 trees

Before launching Zen, we asked ourselves: how can we create a brand that makes a real impact? Regardless of if it’s for one or a thousand people, where can we actually make a difference? Simply buying credits to off-set impact did not feel enough for us. We want to give back and do good for real. That’s when we first got in contact with WeForest.

For now, we’re just a small energy drink start-up in Sweden, but at our core we’re strong believers in people over profits and investing in the planet. As we grow, our contributions will grow and develop with us.

Sussie Blomqvist
“It was important for us to give back and make an impact from day one. WeForest’s commitments are in line with our ideals, so becoming a partner was a no-brainer. We look forward to a long partnership that grows and develops with our brand over time.”
We are engaging 13,500 families and communities to strengthen community-led governance structures that will protect and restore over 7500ha in southwest Malawi and create new income generating models.