WeForest partner since 2013
Tentsile is restoring 137.09 ha by growing an estimated 164,823 trees

Tentsile grows 3 trees for every tent sold.

Alex Shirley-Smith
At Tentsile, one of the things we pride ourselves most on is our commitment to trees. And, certainly, we are always more than willing to repeat our mantra that "if we’re hanging out in them, they can’t be cut down"! Simple. We honour the tree. We enjoy their company. We respect their wisdom, and we are humbled by their size and talent. Indeed, the very idea of Tentsile was born out of savouring the tree, living within them, walking among them, playing inside them, and, of course, learning from them - learning what they offer, learning what they’ve seen, learning how they themselves help protect us and the world around them.