tec5USA Inc.
WeForest partner since 2023
tec5USA Inc. is restoring 1.43 ha by growing an estimated 2,857 trees

tec5USA is the American affiliate of tec5 AG headquartered in Steinbach, Germany that belongs to the photonics company group Nynomic AG. Nynomic’s mission is to make the world a better place for this and future generations. We achieve this by implementing innovative photonic measurement technology to measure parameters that are of vital importance in the fields of life science, green tech and clean tech.

Sebastian Huelck
CEO tec5USA, Inc.
We all breathe oxygen that trees give off. We are moreover happy to remove carbon from the atmosphere, contribute to restoring lost forests and restore biodiversity. No other large tropical forest has suffered as much loss as Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, it’s our honor to support WeForest’s pontal project