WeForest partner since 2021
Santafixie is restoring 1.01 ha by growing an estimated 2,027 trees
Santafixie's origin is linked to promoting the use of bicycles to move around the city. Leaving private transportation aside to embrace a more sustainable model, improve the quality of the air we breathe and people's living standards. We won't have clean or happy cities if we keep moving around by car. Weforest works this way, and we want to stand by them and support their work. Their projects are aimed at having more trees on the planet, reducing atmospheric CO2 levels and contributing to mitigate climate change. Santafixie x Weforest is our way of supporting growing more trees, reducing our carbon footprint and recovering rainforests that can absorb more carbon. We are very happy to work together.
Juan Pablo Alberca
Co-founder and CEO