MSD Animal Health
WeForest partner since 2016
MSD Animal Health is restoring 126.92 ha by growing an estimated 211,416 trees

MSD Animal Health is proud to partner with WeForest – we work together to grow trees on three continents.

SPHEREON® is a novel vaccine formulation technology for the storage and preparation of live poultry vaccines. SPHEREON® technology freeze-dries live vaccines to small, highly soluble particles (spheres) that dissolve quickly and completely in water, with no residue. SPHEREON® allows for improved preparation and administration of the vaccine, and is packaged in light-weight, 100% recyclable aluminum cups. These individual cups are then packaged in post-consumer plastic that is also fully recyclable. This means that no component of SPHEREON® packaging needs to be sent for medical waste incineration. Thank you – with your support, we will continue to contribute to a greener planet through SPHEREON® and the Tree Planting Initiative.

Through this partnership and the use of novel technologies, such as SPHEREON®, MSD Animal Health is committed to environmental responsibility and efforts to offset carbon emissions.
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