WeForest partner since 2023
Mijn.Host is restoring 6.18 ha by growing an estimated 6,013 trees

mijn.host is a web hosting provider based in The Netherlands. We are currently rated as the best web hosting provider in The Netherlands. Our goal is to deliver the fastest web hosting with a good customer experience.
The internet and ICT sector are responsible for a lot of power consumption. We are part of that industry, so we need to take responsibility and do what we can to reduce our negative impact. That is why we only offer 100% green hosting. In addition to providing green hosting we go one step further, we have taken several initiatives to keep our footprint as minimal as possible.
One step we have taken is starting a partnership with WeForest. With this partnership, we help WeForest reaching their goals of growing more trees on the globe and making a positive impact. With our contribution we also help families who are living in poverty to have a better life by improving the soil and water resources in their area. Extra forest-friendly activities like beekeeping also helps the nature and diversity in the area.