Magnis group
WeForest partner since 2017
Magnis group is restoring 4.38 ha by growing an estimated 5,250 trees

Magnis Group, the company behind the brands PrintSimple and Mediaworqs, grows one tree for every order it receives. This way, with the help of its customers, Magnis Group wants to do its part in giving back to our planet.

Gilbert M. Nijs
Managing Partner
At Magnis Group, we care a lot about the future of our world. We are convinced that everyone needs to take up their role in making it a better place, no matter how small the investment is. We are definitely doing so, as it is hardcoded in our company’s DNA to give something back to the world. We do this in the form of corporate social responsible projects that show tangible results. This is why Magnis Group, the company behind PrintSimple and Mediaworqs, partnered up with WeForest! By planting one tree for every order we receive, we are actively improving the planet, together with our customers. And with WeForest, we are not only contributing to a better climate, we are also helping fauna and flora and improving the living conditions of local communities. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: we can realize more great things together with our customers.