WeForest partner since 2024
LATA Expo is restoring 0.93 ha by growing an estimated 1,860 trees

As part of LATA’s ongoing commitment to promote responsible tourism, we are supporting We Forest’s Tietê Wildlife Corridor project. Together with Wanderlust Magazine, our aim is mitigate the impact of LATA Expo by contributing to the regeneration of biodiversity in Latin America.

We recognise the value of wildlife corridors and the great work of We Forest, which not only sequester carbon, but also supports biodiversity, species regeneration, creates jobs and provides training to reduce agricultural impact in the region of Tietê.

Megan Parkinson
Head of sustainability, LATA
I am so pleased we can support this project in Brazil, which is more than just a tree-planting scheme and goes deeper into habitat restoration and the creation of wildlife corridors, which have proven to be more effective in fighting climate change by working with the local communities to protect and restore degraded forests and boost biodiversity. With their focus on responsible travel, Wanderlust is a natural sustainability partner for LATA and I look forward to working closer with the team in the future.
Wanderlust is delighted to be the LATA Expo 2024 Sustainability Partner. From our inception in 1993, following a trip to South America, responsible and sustainable travel has been at the heart of everything we do. In the last three years, we have recruited dedicated sustainability editors, introduced sustainability columns in the magazine and website, and launched the industry’s first Travel Green List, our annual recognition of the trailblazing places, organisations and projects in sustainable travel. We and our readers care about the world, its cultures, people and nature so we’re excited to be working with LATA on supporting the wildlife corridor reforestation project. Lyn Hughes, Founding Editor, Wanderlust Travel Media