Inter Gestion Groupe
WeForest partner since 2019
Inter Gestion Groupe is restoring 305.89 ha by growing an estimated 377,964 trees

Inter Gestion REIM is a responsible real estate investment company, which has always been committed to integrate an element of social utility into its investment strategy. As of today, 100% of our investments are applied as living spaces, whether they are homes, workplaces, or businesses. Inter Gestion REIM now wishes to go further by getting involved with the fight against global warming. Faithful to its convictions, Inter Gestion REIM has chosen to partner with WeForest on coherent and effective reforestation projects that also have an impact on local populations and contribute to their development. Therefore we are committing to one tree grown for every subscription.

Franck Inghels
Head of Distribution
By linking real estate investment and climate preservation, Inter Gestion REIM supports its clients and partners towards a sustainable development for our planet