FXIFY Solutions Ltd
WeForest partner since 2024
FXIFY Solutions Ltd is restoring 14.00 ha by growing an estimated 21,000 trees

At FXIFY, we are driven not only by our goals to build and develop the #1 proprietary trading platform on the market but also by our commitment to sustainability efforts. Partnering with WeForest has enabled us to deliver on our environmental obligations, aligning with our vision to responsibly support both the environment and our traders.

This initiative is part of our broader strategy to ensure that as our business grows, so does our positive impact on the planet.

FXIFY is incredibly excited to join forces with WeForest. Partnering with WeForest enables us to amplify our impact beyond the financial markets and our community of traders and into the forests that breathe life into our planet. This collaboration isn’t just about planting and growing trees—it's about doing our bit to help grow a sustainable future for all.
Bobby Winters
This Earth Day, FXIFY partners with WeForest to grow 10,000 trees in Butiama Hills, Tanzania - and you can help too! With every purchase, we will grow an addtional tree on your behalf
Save the planet with us