WeForest partner since 2023 is restoring 14.67 ha by growing an estimated 18,864 trees is a platform for 170+ real-world environmental rewards that boost brands while protecting the planet. End-Users can plant trees while playing games, clean ocean plastic when registering to an app, or save baby sea turtles while purchasing a product.

We know talk is cheap, but we think we figured out a way where personal joy and positive ecological impact can become best friends. A technology that transforms the abusive consequences of our actions into rewarding environmental outcomes and scales it up by aggregating micro-individual actions into a transformative macro effect.

Our golden rule is simple: For every interaction, there is a positive environmental reaction. We are determined to play our part, dot by dot.

Daniel Madrid
Co-Founder and CGO
We believe that adding our part towards positive environmental action does not need to be energy and time consuming. rewards users for casually saving the planet, and land protection and restoration plays a big part!