WeForest partner since 2019
Clariant is restoring 2.14 ha by growing an estimated 4,285 trees

Creating added value lies at the core of Clariant. Operating in more than 100 countries, across five continents, specialty chemicals company Clariant places great value on acting as a responsible and supportive corporate citizen. The company cultivates and supports a range of community initiatives and charitable efforts around the globe to foster ecological sustainability and close relationships with its neighbors. WeForest was among three organizations selected by Clariant and its customers as part of the company’s 2019 annual survey. Clariant’s donation funded the growth of 2361 trees in cooperation with local communities in Brazil, enabling the restoration of part of the forest.

Conrad Keijzer
Chief Executive Officer
Our dedication to sustainability is rooted in a simple insight. While financial performance is important, it can only have true and lasting value when achieved in accord with the world around us – the planet we live on and the people we work with or who expect a better life from what we do.