WeForest partner since 2019
BOMA is restoring 15.02 ha by growing an estimated 65,025 trees

Since September 01, for every building certified or verified under BOMA BEST, we will grow 25 trees. Our goal is for our BOMA community to collectively grow at least 10,000 trees per year as they certify and recertify under BOMA BEST.

Benjamin J. Shinewald
President and CEO BOMA Canada
The Journal Science recently reported that forest restoration remains among the most effective strategies for combating climate change, and that there is room for nearly 1 billion hectares of canopy cover, which could store over 200 gigatonnes of carbon. And in any case, we all know that trees are fundamental to a healthy planet. That is why we are also proud of our BOMA Canada’s 100,000 Trees project.