WeForest partner since 2019
B-TRAY is restoring 6.96 ha by growing an estimated 8,356 trees

For every 5 wooden B~TRAY hospitality trays sold, 1 tree will be grown in Zambia in cooperation with WeForest.

At B~TRAY we are conscious of the environment and the importance of sustainability. We want to contribute to a healthier climate and a greener planet by supplying eco-friendly hotel supplies. Our products are made to minimize their impact on the planet. From packaging to power consumption, each detail is carefully conceived to protect the environment. We’re always looking to ways to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, and to lighten the footprint we leave behind us. Through our partnership with WeForest, we want to help to secure the future of our planet. By growing a tree for every five wooden B~TRAY hospitality trays sold, we are helping to restore woodlands in Zambia and promote local economic development. We are so proud to be part of this wonderful project.
Bas Ronteltap