WeForest partner since 2021
Azimut is restoring 7.83 ha by growing an estimated 15,669 trees

Investing in your beliefs is deeply rooted in our core values. Azimut believes that with profits come responsibilities not only to our customers but also to our planet. Through Azimut Sustainable, Azimut took the first step to implement a more sustainable business strategy. We now wanted to go a step further by creating the Beewise mobile investment app with the mission of making investing more meaningful.

As we think it is important to empower our Beewise community, we pledged to grow as many trees as we can together with our investors. Each investor has the choice to donate 1% of their investments on our mobile app. This way, we hope that our efforts as a company together with the green spirit of our community will give us the opportunity to support WeForest projects to our fullest ability.

Giorgio Medda
CEO / Global Head of Asset Management & Fintech
The well-being of the individual must go hand in hand with the well-being of all members of the community.