WeForest partner since 2018
Saye is restoring 260.41 ha by growing an estimated 299,129 trees

SAYE is a young company based in Barcelona, which specializes in the manufacturing of vegan and sustainable sneakers.
Our mission is to ease the change towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, not only using innovative vegan bio-based and recycled materials but also giving back to the planet. We Forest helps us to do so by growing two trees for each pair of sneakers we sell.
We are determined to continue being part of the active change for a better future in which the fashion industry plays a positive role in the environment and the lives of all people involved.

At SAYE we believe that everyone can be what we call a “Gamechanger”. Someone who carries out small actions that contribute to a better world. Someone who is willing to begin the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to inspire customers and other companies to empower this revolution.
Marta Llaquet
Co-founder SAYE