Lords Mobile
WeForest partner since 2021
Lords Mobile is restoring 51.39 ha by growing an estimated 50,000 trees

We have released an Earth Day pack. Its profits go to WeForest, contributing to our Earth’s future. We have also used the game’s considerable influence to promote Earth Day on our social media pages, and asked our global players to participate in this movement. We hope that we can use Lords Mobile’s influence to rally our vast player base and encourage them to support the cause for environmental protection, and help make our Earth a better place.

Earth may just be one planet in our entire solar system, but it is our home, and one that needs protecting. On Earth Day, Lords Mobile partnered up with our global player base to participate in this environmental movement. The profits for a limited-time special pack go directly to WeForest to help them grow more trees and give us all a brighter future

The earth is what we all have in common. As humans who live on this beautiful planet we call Earth, it is our duty to make it a better place for future generations. This is why we have decided to team up with our players and participate in this WeForest event.
Kenny Chen
Senior Vice President of IGG