La Boucle
WeForest partner since 2018
La Boucle is restoring 33.33 ha by growing an estimated 40,000 trees

At La Boucle we believe in a future where overconsumption is replaced by a more responsible way of living. We strongly believe that real sustainability is having a durable long-term vision in which there is respect for our planet and the people who live on it. We believe in offering high quality accessories at a fair price all year round. Our belts – that you will care for and cherish – are here to last. They are sustainable, colourful, and uncomplicated.

Arnaud & Frederik
Our focus every day lies at making our concept more durable. This started in 2018: vegetable tanned leather, fully recycled packaging, and thanks to the NGO WeForest one tree is grown for every belt sold. We stick to our values by offering no discounts as our product is suited for all seasons. We don't want to boost consumption, we want to boost quality & durability on the long-term. And we will stick to our values for the upcoming years as well. Our vision is simple: Sell less, but better.