Illustration Ltd
WeForest partner since 2012
Illustration Ltd is restoring 1,331.41 ha by growing an estimated 1,963,845 trees

IllustrationX invests 1% of their turnover every month for the restoration of our planet, with the aim of achieving 10 million trees.

Harry Lyon-Smith
"There is no doubt in the minds of anyone who works at IllustrationX, that the global environment is under incredible threat from man's seemingly insatiable consumption and destruction of the very thing that sustains him. Being in business we are part of this consumption and although we try to minimise our own footprint, our artists are employed by businesses of all sizes around the world, some of whose products effect the environment. So by default it makes us complicit, as we profit from their commissions. There are many worthy and essential ways of helping the environment, but to our minds WeForest, and all that it does, cuts to the very essence of the problem. It is the way that we can most meaningfully and quickly help combat global warming and climate change, whilst helping recover lost habitats, societies and local weather patterns. Our 1% of turnover as an absolute pledge to the environment is a sort of self taxation and investment in the future, so we can still do what we love doing for many decades to come. In 2018 we passed the 1 million trees planted milestone. Our target is now set firmly on planting a total of 10 million trees."