WeForest partner since 2019
Evolutio is growing an estimated 7,992 trees

Evolutio vof, providing leadership and team coaching, spends 1% of its turnover for growing trees plus 50 trees for each flight.

Fons Feekes
Partner Evolutio vof
The climate crisis is probably the biggest challenge our species is facing. If mankind faces this challenge effectively ánd timely, we may still do something about global warming before we passed the point of no return. As a coach, I understand that the human psyche tends to ignore the need to change for a danger that seems somewhere in the future …. Yet, we urgently should be making a big difference, shouldn’t we? Planting trees does make a large difference at a very low investment per tonne CO2 reduction, whereas all other benefits on the short term for the local population planting the trees already justify the investment!