Choose a Challenge
WeForest partner since 2019
Choose a Challenge is restoring 12.27 ha by growing an estimated 14,729 trees

In our first year working towards this project we will be allowing all our challenge participants the option to offset the emissions produced by the international flights in their trip - which are by far the most carbon-heavy element of their trip. Then, in 2021, we're going to be offsetting all our trips, by default. In addition, we'll be planting trees to offset our staff travel, and working with our in-country partners in each of our destination countries to ensure that the ground arrangements for all of our challenge events are offset as well.

Sam Jackson
Senior Operations Coordinator
As a company, we have recently been reflecting on our values, and as part of that process we came to understand that we wanted to really build upon some of the other sustainable efforts and pledges we've already made, for example regarding single-use plastics and animal welfare. We realised that of course, as a tour operator, our biggest environmental impact is through the carbon emissions produced by our trips, many of which include long-haul flights to Peru, Tanzania, Nepal and so on. We set ourselves the ambitious target of going carbon neutral by 2021, and the first step was to partner with WeForest and start planting trees. We're really proud to be taking this journey together and we can't wait to watch as our staff and challenge participants begin to make a huge difference for the environment and the climate through the project.