Bona AB
WeForest partner since 2022
Bona AB is restoring 9.74 ha by growing an estimated 19,480 trees

For more than 100 years Bona has embraced its mission to bring out the beauty in floors while delivering on a promise to minimize environmental impact by innovating safer systems and products to the highest sustainability standards. Bona’s sustainability platform is rooted in the three pillars of Home, Health, Humanity with a vision to lead the sustainability transformation of our industry, caring for people and the planet. As part of this vision Bona is committed to three sub-visions -- reducing environmental impact, being carbon neutral by 2040, business growth through healthy and innovative choices, and fair and equal opportunities for our employees and supply chain.

Magnus Andersson
President and CEO, Bona
Restoring our global forests is one of the most direct ways to positively impact the climate, hence our support of WeForest’s great work. This partnership also aligns to the core of our business at Bona which encourages floor renovation rather than replacing the flooring material which often ends up in landfill.